Rocks Resting in Place

I can't believe it's almost September already! I am so grateful that my family had two wonderful weeks at our cottage on Lake Michigan this summer. One of my favorite things to do is spend time looking for rocks. I can spend hours combing the shore and delighting in the colors and patterns. They look like perfect little abstract paintings and many came home with me to my studio. "Resting in Place"  is one of my new paintings that reminds me of the little jewels we find on the shore.

During Art Trails I give a talk every afternoon in my studio about an approach to viewing abstract paintings because some people are unsure about how to interact with abstract art.  I would love for people to feel free to enjoy the paintings as I enjoy the rocks on the beach - to enter into the patterns, color and design - not as a puzzle to be solved - but as a personal experience between the viewer and the painting. (Join me for the whole talk during Art Trails in October if you would like to hear more about this.)

Stay tuned for upcoming emails which will be filled with
invitations to fun art events coming up in September. 
Here's to creativity!



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