The Joy of Being an Artist, December 2017

"It Would Take Too Long To Tell"  22" x 28"

This has been a challenging year for me personally, with both health and work challenges and frankly I will eagerly bring in the New Year!  

But despite some difficult circumstances, when I walk through my backyard each morning to my studio, take in the morning light on the hills and take a minute to watch our chickens roaming around the yard, I say a prayer of gratitude for this season in my life when I get to lose myself in the joy of my art practice.

What I love is:
~having a place away from my lists, where I can be slow and playful and improvisational after years of hurrying and living in structured segments of time;
~choosing what music to listen to, or deciding it's a day for silence;
~mixing a new color, and pouring it into a squeeze bottle. (Remember that new box of crayons you got at the beginning of a new school year?);
~the expectancy of hanging a series of canvases or panels on the wall, either blank ones or old paintings to go back into, and wondering what they will become;
~the surprises that happen when changing one thing can change the whole painting. And even if I hate it initially I may love it 10 minutes later when I add something else;
~looking at the work I did the day before. It looks better or worse than when I left it, but always different;

~settling onto the couch, after I've painted for an hour or so, sipping a cup of tea, and then turning the canvases around and upside down and seeing them in new ways. 

Although there are no words for how grateful I am,  I am immensely thankful that though the fires were just a few feet away, I still have a studio. 

And I am so moved when someone resonates enough with my work that they want to live with it.

Thank you SO much for your support and encouragement and may the New Year bring you much joy!
Here's to creativity!

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