July Studio Update

Have you ever considered commisioning a piece for your home or office

Recently, I was asked to transform a bedroom door in a client's home into a large painting. 

Here's how it worked. We looked through my website and my client showed me the paintings she liked and what she liked about them. I learned about the colors and styles in my work that she is drawn to. We found a specific painting that she wanted me to use as a guide. That provided enough direction for me to begin. 

My client Linda and I pose on the evening of the pickup.

As always, the best part was seeing it installed in her home! 

You may like a painting and discover that it isn't the right size for your wall, or perhaps you like certain parts of a piece and want it in a particular place in your home. I am open to incorporating creativity wherever and however you envision it! 

I am looking forward to sharing another very unique commission that is in the works now...
Click here to see new work from my studio. As always, if you click on the thumbnail image, the whole image will load.  Here's to creativity!



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