New Work from the Studio, Feb. 2018

"Contours" 12" x 12" 

I'd love to share some new work with you which I haven't even put on the website yet. Looking at these paintings from the past couple months, I am surprised at their sense of playfulness after last year's challenges. They are part of a new series I'm calling "What Is Revealed".

Carousel 12" x 12" 

In part, the name refers to the process I used in creating them. I began by creating lots of pattern and design and then painting over them so that only some remained.  After more layers were added and taken away, a painting emerged.

In my improvisational process it is critical to look carefully and be aware of the surprises as they occur. I have no idea when I begin what the final painting will look like.

Hide and Seek, 20' x 20" 

Last year, something new began to emerge in me as well. My willingness to be open to surprises, in both my paintings and my life, brought new understandings about myself, life, and what is true.

Joy in the Morning, 20" x 20" 

A fun way to end the month was to see my artwork on the label of this wonderful wine
by Alquimista Cellars. 

Here's to creativity! 


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