Studio Updates

🔨 What does a hammer have to do with being an artist?

After the holidays it was so wonderful to get back into a regular rhythm of heading out to the studio in the morning! I've started some new paintings and am looking at some others with fresh eyes. Do you have lessons you have to learn over and over again?It doesn't matter if it's cold in the studio or I have lots to do. I need to get out there first thing,turn on the heaters,and everything else in the day will be lighter! Thinking about last year, I wanted to share with you a couple of fun ways I was able to collaborate with clients. Prints of original...

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🔶 The joy of being an artist 🔶

   "It Would Take Too Long To Tell"  22" x 28"  This has been a challenging year for me personally, with both health and work challenges and frankly I will eagerly bring in the New Year!  But despite some difficult circumstances, when I walk through my backyard each morning to my studio, take in the morning light on the hills and take a minute to watch our chickens roaming around the yard, I say a prayer of gratitude for this season in my life when I get to lose myself in the joy of my art practice.  What I love...

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