About the Artist

Why I paint

When I open the studio door in the morning, I walk into a place that holds the possibility of joy, mystery and freedom. My mother was an artist with a studio in the backyard; she encouraged me to work alongside her.
I now have my own light-filled studio in beautiful Sonoma County, CA where I can continue in the artistic adventures I began when I was young.  As a child who roamed the 22 acres of woods by our house in Indiana and picked up rocks on the beach of Lake Michigan in the summer, I looked at the patterns everywhere and sketched people, plants, and insects in detail.
Now, still drawn to pattern and design, I am interested in expressing movement and depth which speaks to the complexity and mystery of life.

I feel deeply alive and grateful when I paint.  My hope is that viewing and purchasing my work will give you these gifts as well.

My Process

My abstract paintings reflect my delight with color, light, pattern and design. My process is largely improvisational. I love the risk of plunging into the unknown as one color calls to another, and one line leads to another. Noticing what is happening on the canvas or panel and being open to responding to it is energizing and challenging. 

My Invitation to you

I invite you to notice how the colors, shapes, movement and overall feeling of each painting affects you. I invite you to stop and look and see what a piece  means uniquely to you.



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"Color, movement, light and flow live in my home through Mandy Bankson's paintings.  In both prints and paintings, in pieces both quiet and exuberant, there is an underlying joy that enhances the ambiance wherever they are viewed."   Helen Cepero